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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task TVB-1372

TVB-998 Do not reset zoom when changing StateVariable

Mihai Andrei Tim Proix Trivial Closed Won't Fix  
Sub-task TVB-1328

TVB-998 The preview in the SVG TS Viewer cuts edges

Marmaduke Woodman Lia Domide Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-1327

TVB-998 Accept multiple TimeSeries as input for the SVG TV Viewer

Marmaduke Woodman Lia Domide Minor Closed Won't Fix  
Sub-task TVB-1292

TVB-998 Expose the number of displayed points as a control in UI

Marmaduke Woodman Tim Proix Critical Closed Won't Fix