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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task TVB-783

TVB-683 Operations in state Started

Lia Domide Ionel Ortelecan Major Closed Won't Fix  
Sub-task TVB-780

TVB-683 Parameter space exploration

Bogdan Neacsa Ionel Ortelecan Minor Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-778

TVB-683 Brain Activity with EEG lines - select node operation doesn't work

Bogdan Neacsa Ionel Ortelecan Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-777

TVB-683 Create project operation do not work properly

Bogdan Neacsa Ionel Ortelecan Critical Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-772

TVB-683 Burst Bugs: Simulation parameter EEG Projection data is not submitted properly on first burst launch of a project in case you configured the simulator parameters and chose monitor but left eeg projection data hidden.

Lia Domide Bogdan Neacsa Critical Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-771

TVB-683 TVB web interface incompatibility with Linux Centos and ubuntu OS

Bogdan Neacsa TVB Testing environment Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-769

TVB-683 Validate imported connectivity from ZIP: - make sure same number of nodes are in positions, weights, tracts, orientation, areas and label vectors.

Lia Domide Lia Domide Critical Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-767

TVB-683 Burst page displays two selected bursts when changing from a 'copied' burst that finished to any other burst.

Lia Domide Bogdan Neacsa Critical Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-758

TVB-683 The brain viewer crashes when data reaches end and needs to be reloaded from 0.

Lia Domide Bogdan Neacsa Critical Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-756

TVB-683 Reloading a page when the user has already logged out (in a different browser tab) results in a dead-end

Bogdan Neacsa Michael Burgstahler Trivial Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-752

TVB-683 Messages animation is not working on FF.

Bogdan Neacsa Michael Burgstahler Blocker Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-743

TVB-683 Filters of Brain Viewer input are wot working correctly.

Bogdan Neacsa Lia Domide Blocker Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-739

TVB-683 User-save password doesn't work right now (after adding user-setting 'show/hide online help')

Lia Domide Lia Domide Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-735

TVB-683 Add a validator on Burst name (characters like /, < will produce errors, some in displaying the name).

Lia Domide Lia Domide Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-731

TVB-683 Problems with Spatio-temporal entities: -Adding the same focal point multiple times -Pick on Connectivity nodes in FF (parameters,stimulus) --canvas position relative -Buttons on LC pages should dissapear when not active -Missing help text on extra-fields

Bogdan Neacsa Lia Domide Critical Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-723

TVB-683 Import with UID / create links at import time.

Lia Domide Lia Domide Critical Closed Won't Fix  
Sub-task TVB-698

TVB-683 Add constraint at import to limit imported surfaces size.

Calin Pavel Lia Domide Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-676

TVB-683 Covariance visualizer does not correctly display results

Marmaduke Woodman Marmaduke Woodman Minor Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-569

TVB-683 Fix uploaders parameters

Lia Domide Calin Pavel Minor Closed Won't Fix  
Sub-task TVB-556

TVB-683 Matlab not detected on a windows-machine

Lia Domide Jochen Mersmann Minor Closed Duplicate  
Sub-task TVB-551

TVB-683 When launching a burst, if you configure multiple tabs and have the selected tab in the moment of burst launch different from the first one, the visualization steps will raise errors.

Lia Domide Bogdan Neacsa Critical Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Sub-task TVB-491

TVB-683 Expand Group link should be made safe (e.g. do not crash if DatTypeGroup does not exist, or Adapter not found).

Lia Domide Lia Domide Trivial Closed Fixed