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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task TVB-847

TVB-564 EEG Monitor does not work properly with multiple inputs of different lengths.

Bogdan Neacsa Bogdan Neacsa Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-830

TVB-564 Cross-coherence visualizer for some input TimeSeries generates nan values that are not handled in the UI.

Lia Domide Bogdan Neacsa Major Closed Won't Fix  
Sub-task TVB-815

TVB-564 WebGL directional keys should rotate scene.

Bogdan Neacsa Lia Domide Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-806

TVB-564 Js error displayed in console for Brain Viewer portlet.

Ionel Ortelecan Ionel Ortelecan Minor Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-797

TVB-564 Region Stimulus - 2nd step page: - add tooltip for scaling factor with short explanation;- highlight nodes which have a scaling set, by using a different style on their labels display.

Bogdan Neacsa Lia Domide Minor Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-795

TVB-564 Enhance TimeSeries viewer (SVG) to support channel selection (similar to channel select in EEG viewer).

Bogdan Neacsa Lia Domide Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-755

TVB-564 Enhance 2D Connectivity Viewer - lateral views -- by displaying the same color/size metrics as in the top view

Lia Domide Paula Sanz Leon Minor Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-648

TVB-564 MPLH5 visualizers do not allow interaction with their controls in browser. Blocking animation should appear when waiting for server's feedback.

Lia Domide Stuart Knock Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-580

TVB-564 Research on critical missing visualization tools.

Marmaduke Woodman Lia Domide Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-574

TVB-564 Enhance navigation in EEG visualizer.

Marmaduke Woodman Lia Domide Blocker Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-573

TVB-564 Dual Brain + EEG lines visualizer.Plus usage of TimeSeriesEEG DataType as result of simulation.

Ionel Ortelecan Lia Domide Critical Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-557

TVB-564 Plus-Sign in the footerbar of MPLHP images could spoil the page

Bogdan Neacsa Jochen Mersmann Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-348

TVB-564 Timeseries visualiser: Allow user to specify time length of window in physical units.

Marmaduke Woodman Stuart Knock Major Closed Won't Fix  
Sub-task TVB-327

TVB-564 Enhance coloring in visualizers, to emphasize only a range of values

Marmaduke Woodman Stuart Knock Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task TVB-125

TVB-564 Implement Streaming for TVB visualizers

Lia Domide Lia Domide Major Closed Won't Fix