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      • we should distribute the conversion tool as part of TVB release 1.0.1
      • we will implement a more generic mechanism for progressive updating FileStored data (e.g. from version 1-to-2, 2-to-3....), similar to what we have right now for DB versions.
      • the automatic check/conversion from version x to version y of FileStored data will happen in the following cases:
        1. on user-login we will check all stored data, when Application flag is not equal with current expected FileStored version.
        After checking all data we will set an unique Application flag in storage, saying "data_checked_to_version"=Y, to avoid a second check as it might be time-consuming (e.g. when thousands of DataTypes are produced).
        In case DB_clean was executed check should be short.
        While converting data we can display the blocking-overlay with a warning message "conversion in progress..... please be patient".
        2. When using a particular dataType, we will check its version, and mark it invalid, if by any chance an old version is found.
        This will avoid paranoid use-cases (e.g. if conversion tool makes a mistake, or in parallel with the conversion tool some data is produced).
        3. When importing a previously exported DataType in H5 format, we will try to automatically convert to the current version, or display message of unsupported version.
      • if at FileStored version 14 (for example) we decide that version 1 of FileStored is no longer supported, we can then remove the pyTables dependency (the 15MB extra) and throw an exception in converter_1-to-2.
      • this way we will avoid the multiple download pages and keep only the one we already have

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