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Simulator pane update problem: newly created connectivity not shown



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    • 1.4.1
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    • Web Interface
    • Firefox 43.0.4 on OS X 10.9.5


      Update problem of connectivities in Simulator pane:

      1. Connectivity pane -> Large scale connectivity -> create a new connectivity
      2. go back to Simulator pane
      => newly created connectivity selectable in drop-down
      3. go back to Connectivity pane and repeat 1
      4. repeat 2
      => only connectivity created in 1 exists, but not that one created in 3
      5. workaround: go to Project -> Operations: Delete several connectivity visualizers
      => Now all created connectivities exist in drop-down list on Simulator pane

      6. If "brain surface" was forgotten to select in 1 (default "none" selected), then also in 2 no connectivity is selectable.

      7. But, if step 5 is done after 6, then connectivity is displayed and selectable in Simulator pane.

      On Connectivity pane, all connectivities are always shown. The update problem only exists on the Simulator pane.

      Note: In 5, a description is missing for the connectivity under Operations, there is only a numeric identifier. Thus it is difficult to guess which connectivity the user wants to delete. The description displayed on Connectivity pane should be displayed e.g. by mouse overlay or in a small field below the entry to enable users distinguising them.

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