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Include Connectivity-Selection web component also in Brain Viewer



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      See also TVB-1238

      4. In the Brain visualizer only display the activity from the nodes of the selection. The rest of the surface should be coloured in gray/white – probably something that is outside the colormap range or a different color.
      Right now, with the linear gradient colourmap, we can set a threshold so when the activity in certain regions is below/above a value appear they appear in dark gray.

      However the idea here would be that all the 'unselected' nodes are always in gray – and ensure that it is always the case.

      This example is under ProjectID 78 –
      simulation names: test_small_matrix_stochastic

      Step 4: Enhance the Brain Viewer with means to hide activity (display with completely neutral colour) for some (selectable) areas of the brain.
      This functionality makes sense only when displaying a TimeSeriesRegion, right ?

      This improvement would be a little more complex, but not too difficult - I estimate about a day for it, once we choose a web-ui, and here
      I suggest it to be the same as in TimeSeries 2D viewer for selecting the nodes.

      To answer your question: Yes, it should possible to have these in TVB.
      Right now we are having some tasks in progress. How urgent do you want these available in TVB ?
      Would it be ok to have them at the begging of next week ?

      It should be fine. The desired functionality can be achieved somehow by adjusting the model parameters (as in the screenshots).
      Having the node selections as masks, accessible from the visualizers, will provide a temporary solution until we create datasets with a smaller number of nodes (including projection matrices and region mappings for the default surface). We already have the 'node selections' available for setting up the model parameters, so having them available from the visualizers will be useful in the long run.

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