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Improve fluidity of some of the web UI elements



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      Some of the visualizations in the Web UI could use some work, and I want to note a few examples that I would work in the not-immediate future.

      • The surface visualizer in TVB could be easier to look at and understand by improving the normal shading and add grid lines. As it is currently, it is quite difficult to perceive the curvature of the surface, making it challenging to really understand what anatomical part we're looking at. Here is an example of what I would prefer to work with:


      I'd also like to request an option for mouse sensitivity, as I find the TVB brain moves too slowly when I'm dragging with my mouse. Because weird things happen when you drag outside of the WebGL canvas, I'd think it preferable to have slightly oversensitive than under. Again, matter of taste, should be an option in the UI.

      Another example is the design of the node dynamics, where the current visualizer uses an MPLH5 canvas UI, which is a bit slow. I'd prefer to see something along the lines of


      which provides instantaneous feedback about the effect of parameters on node dynamics.

      It would be helpful as well, in this visualization, to provide a histogram in that plot which passes a given trajectory through the connectivity matrix and coupling function to estimate how the given parameters will react in the network context.

      A last note is about the time series visualizer which could be improved in several ways

      1) Add horizontal grid lines for the zero of each channel and vertical grid lines for each time stamp shown along the bottom.
      2) Fix the SVG scaling in the whole visualizer, so that lines do not expand in area, essentially reducing the fidelity of the line when only a few signals are shown, as small variations cannot be seen
      3) Fix and provide options for the temporal context (bottom window) which does not appear to always work correctly, and should be configurable for other metrics (like synchronization, etc.)

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